Paris: Chanel Fall 2009, plus Barbie and Goyard

CHANEL Fall 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter
CHANEL Fall 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter

It really isn’t Paris fashion week proper until the Chanel show. Held in the stunning, light-bathed Grand Palais (it’s so beautiful it makes me use phrases like “light-bathed”!) and with Katie Mossypants in the audience, bien sur, the show was classic Karl.
Witness new takes on the classic suit and surprising soft, slim dresses. But the big news was stiff ruffles on cuffs and necks, or jutting up from the bodice—a fresh, costumey touch that I’m seeing a lot of this week. It was all in Chanel standard-issue black and white, with groupings of a bit-too-baby pink and minty green. Later than day wandering on the Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré I pass the Chanel store and notice that the light in there looks identical to the light in the Palais. Coincidence?

Popped by Colette where a party celebrating Barbie’s 50th will be held Thursday night. Two pink poodle statues stand guard at the entrance to a special lair, which includes goodies like a limited-edition collaboration between Mattel and lux luggage house Goyard. The €2,880 price tag for a vintage-style Barbie with her very own Goyard trunk (complete with an outfit change) was a smidge too rich for my blood, so I settled for a €12 euro Barbie pen instead. Writing with it will make me more beautiful, I just know it!

Want more Chanel? Check out our slideshow below and tell us what you think: