Ones to watch: Ovate’s mythological, minimalist mix

Following the establishment of her eponymous signature line, Montreal-based designer Audrey Cantwell has moved on to a new project: a label called Ovate. A graduate of Lasalle College, the designer began manufacturing pieces under her own name during her last year at the school. Cantwell, now 22 years old, started working on Ovate just less than a year ago, constructing each piece in her studio with natural materials such as silk, wool and leather—the majority of which are sourced locally.

Inspired by Norse folklore, desolate landscapes and the textures of moss and bark, Ovate takes a dark, romantic and mythological turn for Fall 2011. “A minimalist approach is taken towards creating garments that will withstand passing trends and become unique pieces that can be worn season after season in new ways, under the wearer’s own interpretation,” says the designer.

Chic ankle-length skirts, caped jackets and skinny leather pants—all in streamlined silhouettes—conjure the witchy fantasy of a Stevie Nicks in the making, while rough-looking refurbished furs act as toppers to the languid underpinnings.

Ovate’s Fall 2011 will be available at later this summer. In the meantime, fans can pick up pieces from Cantwell’s signature label in Montreal at Boutique Unicorn (5135, boul Saint-Laurent, 514-544-2828).

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