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11 Apps That Will Help You Get Your Life Together

2018 is basically almost over. How’d your New Year’s resolutions work out? If the answer is a sheepish shrug, you’re not alone. It can be hard to keep on track of goals and new habits, whether it’s saving money or staying hydrated, especially when you’re already besieged by demands from work, friends, and family. That’s why you should let your phone do all the heavy lifting for you.

There are so many apps on the market these days for literally everything you can think of, so it can be overwhelming to sort through them all in an effort to find one that will work for you. That’s why we put together this list of the best apps that will help you get your shit together. We don’t recommend downloading every single app on this list, tempting as it will be; self-improvement is great, but you’re only human. Whatever your goals are, rest assured that there’s a brilliant app in this list that will help you reach them.

1. Level Money
When it comes to finance apps, everyone knows about Mint–and for good reason, because it’s a great app. But Level Money actually has an edge on Mint because of its ability to not only track your spending, but also concisely tell you what you can spend daily, weekly, and monthly. The simple layout presents information that’s easy to absorb at a glance, making it a no-brainer to stick to your budget.
Cost: Free.

2. Moment
If your goal for 2016 is to be more present in the moment and not constantly on your phone, download Moment. It’s an app that tracks how much time you spend on your phone and even helps you to set limits to your usage. If you go over, you’re actually forced off your phone and then have no choice but to pay attention to your surroundings. Your friends and family will appreciate it.
Cost: Free

3. iDrated
There’s a lot of hydration-tracking apps on the market but we particularly like iDrated for its simple and attractive graphics and its wealth of options. You can customize everything from your water intake goals (although the app offers recommendations) to the water measurement being in ounces or litres. Plus, you receive medals for reaching certain levels of hydration!
Cost: $0.99

4. My Mood Tracker
If you need to track your mood, whether you have a mood imbalance and you want to stay abreast of any changes (and share them with your doctor) or simply because you want to be happier in 2016, this is the app for you. The price might seem high but it’s worth it, because this app tracks sleep, exercise, medication, menstrual cycles, stress, pain, energy and stimulants–all to help you figure out why your mood goes up or down.
Cost: $9.99

5. Clue
Sometimes the best way to track and make sense of your mood is to track your period. Clue does exactly that for you, as well as telling you when you’re most likely to get pregnant and tracking things like mood, pain, and birth control pills. The best part: no trace of the hot pink design that so many other period tracking apps have.
Cost: Free.

6. Duolingo
If you ever wanted to learn a language, you no longer have an excuse to put it off. Duolingo is free to use and doesn’t require huge amounts of time–plus it’s fun to use, almost like a game. You can study Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Irish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, or English on this app.
Cost: Free

7. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout App
There’s a lot of workout apps out there, but some of them can be way too overwhelming. Whether you’re traveling or just really busy, this app helps you get in 7 minutes of intense exercise every day–which may not seem like much, but has actually been proven to be an effective workout.
Cost: Free

8. Sleep Cycle
This app is great because not only does it track your sleep patterns, it also wakes you up during the lightest portion of your sleep. This leaves you feeling more awake and rested than you would after waking up with a traditional alarm clock.
Cost: Free

9. Pomodoro Timer
If you have difficulty with time management, you need this app. Pomodoro helps you be more productive and procrastinate less by using the Pomodoro Technique, which is made up of 25 minutes of work and 3 to 5 minutes of a short break, and then a longer 10-15 minute break after four cycles of this. You can use this timer for everything from chores to working.
Cost: $1.99

10. Fashion Stylebook
Are you always late because you never know what to wear in the morning? Then you need this app, which is basically a closet assistant inside your phone. It uses images of your own clothes to help you figure out what to wear depending on the weather and your plans, and you can also search for outfit inspiration and even plan your packing ahead of time.
Cost: $3.99

11. Habit List
Whatever your New Year resolution is, whether it’s to drink less or floss more, this app will help you reach your goal. It tracks your progress day-by-day, and even allows you to schedule certain habits for certain days (such as going to the gym only on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday).
Cost: $3.99

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