Ones to watch: Bandes des Quatres’ artful abstractions

Photography by Hugo Arturi.
Photography by Hugo Arturi.

The art world was an important starting point for the New York-based jewellery⎯or rather, ring⎯label Bande des Quatres. Started by Erin Wahed, a native Montrealer and recent photography graduate from New York Unviersity’s Tisch School of the Arts, she has collaborated with her mother, Janis Kerman, who manufactures each ring in the collection. Inspired by everything from photography, sculpture, painting, architecture and industrial design, Wahed abstracts these various influences and transforms them into reductive rings composed of geometric forms and fashioned out of 18K gold, silver and semi-precious gemstones.

The early 20th century German Bauhaus movement was what prompted the formulation of Wahed’s debut collection. In turn, each piece is named after a significant Bauhaus creator, ranging from Wassily Kandinsky to László Moholy-Nagy. Though simple in construction, each piece manages to make a big statement.

Part of Bande des Quatres’ appeal is the illusion behind their manufacturing. One can’t quite discern exactly how they stay on the finger! According to Wahed, people thought that she had pierced her fingers when she sported her Van der Rohe model. If this makes the look sound tough and intimidating, that isn’t her aim.  “Today, what catches someone’s attention is how real something feels,” says the designer.

Bandes des Quatres is available at Eva New York in New York, as well as by placing orders through [email protected].

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