Introducing Emoodji, Old Navy’s new site for decoding your emoji use

Who would have thought that using excessive emojis could actually pay off? Well, today is does.

Emoodji, a new site launched by Old Navy, analyzes your emoji usage on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to read your mood and select your next great vacation spot (as well as, of course, your ideal flip flop hue). Yes, you heard us. Emoodji analyzes your most-used emojis to understand your inner psychological workings, and as a result, devise a dream summer vacation based on your truest self. Some lucky emoji-users will even be sent on their Emoodji-inspired dream vacation. Use one too many surfer dude emojis? You might just find yourself on an island in the sun. Show your love for pepperoni? You might just end up dining with the Italians as you say “Sì! Sì!” to the next slice of pizza.

And just when you thought the website allowed you access to emotions and insights you never knew you had, it also allows you to input a social handle from your crush’s or even a celebrity’s social media, offering you a heat map of their most-used emjois (insert surprised emoji here). Who needs the dream vacation when you can step inside the mind of your favourite celebrity? Or use your crush’s fave emoji to flirt your way into landing a date. Either way this site is the definition of a win-win situation.

As icing on the emoji-cake, the first 10,000 participants win a pair of Old Navy flip flops (perfect for that dream vacation). If you’re a little (insert sleepy emoji here), and therefore late to the game, you can still get your hands on a pair at Old Navy’s $1 flip flop sale on July 4th.

For now, take a minute to deeply reflect on yourself with Emoodji, and contemplate swapping your excessive crying emojis for smiley, celebratory ones.

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