How do you do normcore? 2 Style Panel suggestions for the anti-trend

Normcore Style Panel
Normcore Style Panel

In a world where excess is lauded and imaginative, and perhaps certifiable, outfit pairings are the norm, it’s nice to have a break from the crazy and a return to reality, or something like it. Introducing Normcore. Inspired by the most unlikely of style heroes, your Dad circa every childhood vacation ever, the latest so-called “anti-trend” sweeping the streets is all about basics. Everything from Patagonia fleeces, to relaxed boot cut denim and Fruit of the Loom tees, to New Balance trainers — everything and anything that isn’t fashion-conscious works. This trend (let’s face it, it is the very definition of the word) is pretty much a godsend for anyone whose feet hurt after half an hour in high heels or can’t see the logic in donning an uncomfortable body-con dress.

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Showing up how to adopt #normcore into our fashion forward wardrobes, without completely sacrificing our style, are two of our Style Panellists. Leah Gust of Leah Says updates her second hand finds with some stylish new boots, while Inherited Jeans’s Stephanie Koch sources her look from contemporary stores, both proving you don’t need to go full hog and lose all sense of style to get in on the trend.

As an added bonus, here’s some designer-free fashion inspiration full of basic staples your Dad probably still owns, courtesy of everyone’s favourite throwback sitcom, Seinfeld. Just hold off on the urban sombrero… for now.


Normcore Leah Gust

Leah Gust, 31
Toronto | Leah Says

Street style shots from the recent round of fashion weeks have been OTT which usually I love but this one-upping of prints and patterns and textures is beginning to lose its charm. Normcore, is kind of a nice counter trend. I bought a pair of vintage “mom jeans” and an early 90s inspired plain shirt. Paired with my favourite New Kid boots it’s the perfect blend of new and old.

Leah is wearing: Jeans and Shirt, Vintage. Boots, New Kid. Sunglasses, Brooklyn Flea

Normcore Stephanie Koch

Stephanie Koch, 27
Kelowna via Calgary | Inherited Jeans

As an individual who’s fashion aesthetic rests largely on basics and practicality to begin with, I was admittedly excited about the “anti-trend” of NormCore. My best understanding of this is that people want to do away with extravagance and embrace practicality. In other words, let’s wear what we need to wear when we need to wear it to allow us to function optimally in our day to day tasks. It’s not frilly, don’t over think this one, just dress down and get to it!

Stephanie is wearing: T-shirt and jeans, TopShop. Jacket, Joe Fresh. Scarf, Stella & Dot. Shoes, Converse. Bag and Sunglasses, Target