15 non-cheesy New Year’s Eve accessories (seriously, skip the 2016 glasses this year)

new years accessories

It doesn’t matter if you plan on having dinner downtown, dancing the night away at a nightclub, or watching Carson Daly count down to the ball drop (does he still do that?) from the comfort of your couch, New Year’s accessories are usually totally cheesy. Tinfoil crowns, glittery top hats and 2016 glasses are everywhere come December 31st. Sure, they’re fun, but they’re not exactly cute. Why not up your game?

New Year’s Eve is really the only time of year, aside from Halloween, when a tiara looks cool. Take advantage of that! A tiny top hat with rhinestone veil suddenly seems right, too. Take the ball drop concept literally with pearl shoulder dusters or gumball-sized orange Prada earrings. Wear your own confetti in the form of glittering phone cases or sparkly sneakers; make the bubbly last all night long with a champagne bottle shoulder bag and prep for your midnight kiss with a lipstick clutch, lip ring and golden-tubed gloss. And if you’re walking distance, there’s no reason to hail a cab at the end of the night as long as you’re wearing taxi flats to take you home.