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17 Tartan Items to Celebrate Your (Possibly Nonexistent) Scottish Heritage on National Tartan Day

In honour of this extremely real, not at all made up holiday, we’ve gathered the best tartan pieces money can buy.

Years ago, a friend introduced me to Scottish Wikipedia, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a gag website where basic encyclopedic information is translated into a thick Celtic brogue. For example, the sentence “Hitler’s government occupied most of Europe” might translate into “Hitler’s govrenment controlled a muckle pairt o Europe.”

The reason I bring up Scottish Wikipedia, besides the fact that it is hilarious, is that April 6th happens to be National Tartan Day, a completely not-made-up holiday that was in in fact declared an official day of observance by the Minister of Canadian Heritage in 2010. So in honour of this momentous day might I suggest 1) listening to this incredible Articles of Interest podcast on plaid (host Avery Trufelman actually goes to Scotland to find the National Tartan Register! And full disclosure: I was interviewed for this episode), and 2) enjoying this edit of tartan items in hopes of finding your new favourite stripey item.

Now go forth and celebrate your connection to Scottish heritage, no matter how tenuous it may be.

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