My style: Lula editor-in-chief Leith Clark talks pliés, Paris and cozying up for winter

My style
Photography by Jonathan Loek
My style
Photography by Jonathan Loek

How do you begin the creative process for Lula? “I start from weird things. For one issue, I was playing with kaleidoscopes; we tried to make everything look like that. For another one, I was obsessed with Wednesday Addams. For our first anniversary issue, I stalked the woman who created Strawberry Shortcake. When I first met Kirsten Dunst, one of the things we bonded over was Strawberry Shortcake.”

Who was your favourite character? “Probably Blueberry Muffin. I thought she was quite cute.”

How do you beat the winter blues? “I don’t get them; I love snow. I live in England, so I miss Canadian winters a lot. I love the burrowing. Everyone needs to burrow with blankets, cashmere, tea and movies.”

What do you wear for a Canadian winter? “We usually go to Mont Tremblant, and I wear moccasins, cashmere dresses and my boyfriend’s cardigans with jeans. And I never wear jeans, really.”

Macarons at Ladurée
Macarons at Ladurée

Where do you go vintage shopping in Toronto? “My favourite store is Cabaret. I love the boy that works there—I love that he has special things that he always thinks you’ll like.”

Best city to shop in? “Paris.”

Where will we find you? “Bon Marché, Miu Miu, Chanel, Les Archives de la Presse, Serge Lutens, Isabel Marant, Ladurée, Sonia Rykiel and Colette. But I like the Japanese cakes at Toraya more than shopping itself.”

What’s one spring trend we won’t see you wearing? “Leather shorts.”

Rodarte and Erdem Spring 2011
Looks from Rodarte and Erdem Spring 2011. Photography by Peter Stigter

Low or high maintenance? “I’m quite low maintenance but I am very obsessed with oxygen facials. I travel a lot, and they fix me. I also love SK-II moisturizing face masks.”

What’s in your beauty bag? “Dr. Hauschka, and Kiehl’s coconut lip balm. It tastes like a holiday.”

Who are you wearing these days? “Chanel is always my favourite. Rodarte, I wear loads of; I like how it makes me feel. Miu Miu, and I really love Erdem.”

Who’s your girl crush? “Zoe Kazan. I just watched The Exploding Girl, and I love an honest, genuine, intricate person.”

Current obsession? “I do ballet with Mary Helen Bowers, who is based in New York. She used to be one of the dancers in the New York City Ballet.”

L’Hotel Paris
The bar at L’Hotel Paris

Where would we find you on the weekend? “There’s a cocktail bar called Off Broadway in Broadway Market [in London]. London is weird for nightlife. If I’m in New York I’m out all the time, but in London I wouldn’t really go out late to a bar and dance.”

Signature drink? “The Number 13. It’s the cocktail that was invented by the bar staff at L’Hotel in Paris.”

Most romantic movie?Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind—loving someone that you want to erase and then not being able to. I find that so romantic. I think I cried from the beginning until the end because it was so beautiful.”

Song you’d crank up the car radio to sing along to? “‘Hey’ by the Pixies. ‘Moi Je Joue’ by Brigitte Bardot. Anything by Fleetwood Mac.”

Most romantic getaway? “A log cabin in Canada. Harbour Island, Bahamas. L’Hotel in Paris. Anywhere with my James.”