Montreal: Mandatory headgear

Oh, how I wish wearing a hat was still mandatory for women! (I’m all about showing ankles and more, though, don’t worry.) There’s just something so special about an outfit perfected with the final touch of a fabulous hat—to me, it’s classic elegance.

Speaking of elegance, I nearly killed myself tripping down the stairs the last time I was at Simons, when I was blinded by the amazing collection of Ophelie Hats ( After years of searching in vintage stores to find the perfect hat, there it was, right before my eyes—new, clean and expensive, like luxury should be!

A little thing you should know: Ophelie Hats was launched in 1989 by Quebecoise Corine A. Serruya and has invaded the fashion market in North America and Europe. Simons carries her hats, as do Ogilvy and Chapeau Folie in Montreal, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie in the United States, Topshop in London and many, many more. With the label’s great quality and original design, it’s no surprise that I am now the proud owner of a very hot hat.

Like I said, I wish hats were mandatory because, if you must know, I’ve worn it only once—to a wedding—but finding the perfect outfit with the perfect event was worth every penny. I even had the chance to compete with some serious hats from the oldies crowd at the church. Ahh, a dream come true.

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