Montreal: Amherst Street’s design headquarters

If you go antique shopping on Amherst Street, as many Montrealers fed up with Ikea do, you’ll find the most exquisite little boutique that has nothing to do with furniture. Headquarters Galerie + Boutique (1649 Amherst St., 514-678-2923,, run by Angie Johnson and Tyson Bodnarchuk, the loveliest couple in town, is a two-floor space that gives exposure to Montreal artists (including Bodnarchuk) and tons of local designers (including Johnson).

This tiny store is seriously waiting to be discovered (like the intriguing little shop you find in a foreign city and end up spending all your traveller’s cheque money). Well, Headquarters has that aura because it’s filled with designer clothes, jewellery, art and little deco objects; I’m sure the tourist in you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Speaking of Johnson’s collection, Norwegian Wood, I stumbled upon the most fabulous skirt called the Jersey Fringe Bandage skirt (shown, $100), which I will surely order right about now on her Etsy shop ( (She also promises to have some at the store really soon!) Since fringe is so in right now, and of course we were all wearing it way before it became so hot, this skirt is going to be perfect for a Friday night outfit. Seriously, this design is screaming p-a-r-t-y and I’m ready for it!

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