Montreal: A travel tip sheet

Clockwise from left: Handsome Furs by Liam Maloney; La Croissanterie Figaro by bopuc (Flickr); Parc La Fontaine via Wikipedia
Clockwise from left: Handsome Furs, La Croissanterie Figaro and Parc La Fontaine

All good things must come to an end, and sadly, this is my last entry on the fashion magazine website. To finish up in beauty, I’ve decided to write this one with a personal note. Here’s my top three reasons why you should all come and visit Montreal! And since fashion is a bit everywhere and anywhere, my humble suggestions of the perfect outfit for each occasion.

Music! Have you heard all the great bands that are coming out of here? I mean, did you even lend an ear to Think About Life, Parlovr or Handsome Furs? Not only the music is awesome, but they all look so good doing it!
The rock show outfit = Cheap Monday skinny black jeans + old black Converse + white men’s tank top

Food! We have so many good restaurants in the city, it’s amazing and a nice dinner out is always the best excuse to put on an outfit!

My favorite for breakfeast:  Bagel Etc. (4320 Saint-Laurent Boul., 514-845-9462)
The breakfeast outfit
= high waist short, rock t-shirts, vintage sunglasses, handbag bought on your way in a garage sale.

For lunch: La Croissanterie Figaro (5200 Hutchison St., 514-278-6567)
The lunch outfit = floral 1980 inspired summer dress + jean jacket + flat open-toe sandals

For dinner: Holder (407 McGill St., 514-849-0333)
The dinner outfit = high waisted pencil skirt + polka dot blouse + high heels with round toes + clutch handbag

Parks! If Mount Royal is not enough for you, then you’re greener than the Green Giant and we have tons of lovely parks for you to bathe in the sun. I suggest Parc Saint-Viateur, Parc La Fontaine on the Plateau or Parc Pratt in Outremont.
The park outfit
= one-piece geometrical pattern suit + picnic basket + my friend + a bottle of wine!

Enjoy the rest of your fashionable summer, folks!

Photography: Handsome Furs by Liam Maloney; La Croissanterie Figaro by bopuc (Flickr); Parc La Fontaine via Wikipedia, licensed under GNUFree Documentation License

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