Model Minute: Emmanuelle

Photography by Ryan Faubert

Welcome to Model Minute–a quick chat with an up-and-coming model we love.

Name: Emmanuelle (but she goes by Emma)

Agency: Sutherland Models

What’s the craziest thing that has happened to you at a shoot?
I was shooting with Sev Seven in rapids and I had to lie upside down on inclined rocks, hair in the water. It was pretty intense!

Who is your favourite designer and why?
I would have to say Calvin Klein for his all-American look.

What’s your daily uniform? (ie. What do you wear when you’re not working)?
At school I wear a black and white uniform. On weekends I love wearing my cozy PJs, or my exotic Punjabi pants with a handmade linen sweater from Nepal.  When I’m out, I wear a pair of vibrant coloured jeans with a T-shirt.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Art is my life. I’m taking singing lessons and I can play guitar, sitar, violin, clarinet, bass, flute, piano, harmonica, tabla and bansuri (an Indian flute). I compose my own songs. I draw, paint, sculpt. I write poems, songs, short stories. Oh, and I can actually purr like a cat!

What’s the last concert you attended?
The last concert I attended was The B-52s on June 4th 2008! They’re just amazing.

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