Milan: September 20 and 21

By Susie Sheffman

I’m here! Landed this morning and literally hit the ground running. Wish I could say the same for my suitcase, which obviously thought this week was Paris Fashion Week and ditched me for the City of Lights.

So my airplane outfit of leggings, a (no longer) white tee and a balled-up sweater may not exactly be my first choice for day one of the shows but hey, I’m working it!! And may be working it all week, for that matter so fashion front rowers, get used to it—there’s not a thing I can do about it, and no, a brand-spanking-new wardrobe is not an option.

Truth is, as anyone here can tell you, if you think anyone is looking at moi, you have another thing coming. It truly couldn’t matter less what I’m wearing. There’s so much fabulous head-turning fashion amongst all the international eds, buyers and celebs your head could do a full-on Linda Blair in The Exorcist and that’s  not counting what’s on the runways!

As for the day’s runways, both Just Cavalli and Moschino Cheap & Chic were ultra-upbeat, frilly, feminine and print crazy. A lovely and optimistic way to start and week. And speaking of optimistic…Suitcase if you can hear me, please come back!

Shown: Just Cavalli Spring 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter

Susie Sheffman is our fashion director. Watch her video on Fall 2008 trends.



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