Milan: Marni and Gucci Fall 2009, plus shoe news from the showrooms

MARNI Fall 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter

MARNI Fall 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter

It’s Sunday morning, 9 a.m., pouring rain in Milan and I’m in my happy place, sitting front row at Marni.
 (If I can’t be at Dana’s 9 a.m. spin class in T.O., there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!) 
People watching rarely gets better than this: the fashion tribe dials it up big time for Marni, Sunday morning be damned. Between this and Prada tonight, the true international best-dressed list is out in full force! Next time you thumb through a magazine and wonder: “Does anyone really wear this stuff?” Trust me…

The show? Incredible!  I know you know it’s my personal fave, but I dare you to find anyone to disagree! Tapestries, brocades, Lurex, furs, knits, sport-tech bits and the most thoughtful, sophisticated colour palate gets tossed into the mix-master and out pops the most incredible collection of the week so far! And the jewellery? 
Can barely wait to hit the showroom.

Have I mentioned that it’s all about the showrooms?  The shows—as fabulous as they are—just whet your appetite (you only have about one nanosecond to register each look as the girls stomp by you). It’s at the showrooms that you can really digest the collections—see each look up close, touch the indescribably beautiful fabrics, hear the designer’s inspirations and really fall head over heels! Or not!


GUCCI Fall 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter

But I haven’t told you about yesterday!
 A major shoe day at the showrooms and a smattering of runway (’80s New Wave at Gucci)  had me running off my feet. After a gazillion seasons, I’ve learned the hard way. I traipsed around in 15-year-old Miu Miu flats, thinking aren’t I so smart!   Still managed to get a massive blister. Anyway, all you need to know is that suede is the new patent and shoes and boots continue to climb to higher heights and are even chunkier—if you can imagine—than before. Must run to Cavalli!


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