MFW diary: Your 5-point all access pass to the DSquared rock festival

1. Grunge-y rocker chicks with frizzy, up-all-night-in-the-rain hair, swinging
beer bottles and “Manitoba It bags”(a slouchy, fringed boho affair).

2. Denim cutoffs, plaid shirts, trucker hats, sequin American flag and zebra
prints, and one kitschy “Niagara falls” slicker.

3. Fur bits and bobs, neon wristbands, rocker tee’s and studded shrunken biker

4. Tube socks peeking out of high-heeled wellies, splashing along the
mud-splattered runway.

5. A soundtrack that mixed Lady Gaga, U2, and Lenny Kravitz, and a stage full
of buff, shirtless, torch-slinging, mudsliding guys.

You know, just your basic, everyday DSquared2 show.

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