MFW diary: Invasion of the pillow snatchers at Etro

What’s with me and pillow pilferers at Etro? Once again this season, I took my seat, waited patiently for the show to start, behaved myself like a good girl, minded my own business and quietly admired the purple paisley pillow seat cushion I would bring home to add to my daughter Molly’s collection. But alas, foiled again!

Just like at the Spring ’10 show, my pillow was grabbed out from under me—by some greedy robber! This time, sadly, I didn’t get a chance to grab it back. But the show must go on.

Etro’s bold hued, graphic, deconstructed paisley prints and drop waist ‘20s jazz age dresses dazzled on the runway—enough to make me forget my annual pillow fights! But if you happen to spy an editor wandering down Via Spiga with two pillows—please grab one for me.

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