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Is Meghan Markle Not Allowed to Wear Formal Pants Anymore?

As we’ve previously reported, Meghan Markle is extraordinarily good a wearing pants. From tailored cigarette pants to conspicuously flared trousers, she’s worn them all and looked dang good while doing so. But it looks like individual leg casings might not have much of a part in Meghan’s future.

The Daily Mail reports that Meghan ordered a range of designer suits for the effervescent royal couple’s upcoming tour of Australia — including a fancy tuxedo to be worn to a formal event – but her Royal beau has put a veto on that particular wardrobe decision.

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“Meghan wanted to wear a tuxedo-style suit but Harry said it wasn’t traditional enough,” says one source from a fashion team who visited Kensington Palace in recent weeks, effectively quashing Meghan’s autonomy to plan her own outfits. Apparently the Queen becomes “uneasy” at the sight of women in pants (must be tough, eh?) and strongly prefers women to wear dresses at formal occasions. No doubt Thoroughly Modern Meghan has a…different opinion on the subject, but Prince Harry has sided with his Grandmother.

After plenty of positive press predicting that Meghan Markle will modernize the monarchy, it is thoroughly disappointing to see the Royal family still holding on to some pretty backwards, mid-century ideals about the impropriety of women wearing pants.

Lucky for Royal would-be pants wearers, The Daily Mail claims that Prince Charles’ nickname for Meghan is “tungsten,” like the hard metal element known for its unbending character. Meghan will need that strength if she’s aiming to update some of the palace’s outdated royal rules.