May 2012: Table of contents

FASHION Magazine | May 2012
Photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by Hayley Atkin.
FASHION Magazine | May 2012
Photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by Hayley Atkin.

38 What’s going on online.
42 Letter from the Editor
44 Contributors
46 Behind the Scenes
48 Letters from our readers

56 NEWS Dr. Martens hooks up with Liberty of London, Gucci’s new ready-to-wear royal, paisley prints swirl onto the scene, the most buzz-worthy fashion books, and more.
60 FLASHPOINT Stylish women across Canada play peekaboo in sheer fabrics, power up in primary colours and get graphic in black and white.
64 PROFILE Eighty-two-year-old model China Machado talks Avedon, aging and the R word (retirement).
70 EXHIBITION The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrates the lives and designs of Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada.
76 VINTAGE Fashion from yesteryear continues to influence runways and red carpets. Samantha Shephard finds some of the best L.A. and Toronto boutiques and narrows down the most iconic pieces to invest in today.
84 TOMBOY From Amelia Earhart’s fly style to Alexa Chung’s girl-meets-boy glam, the timeless tomboy look.
88 COLLECTING There’s a difference between fashion collectors and hoarders—at least we think there is.
94 Q&A Photographer Vincent Peters talks models, living the dream and how not to talk to celebrities. 
103 THE LIST Crystal-clear accessories, under-the-sea extras, sport utility, and spring’s rainbow brights for every age.

120 MOST WANTED A fragrant ode to a love affair, Jenna Lyons–approved lip colour, and a cure for toner guilt.    
122 NEWS The latest dispatches from the FASHION beauty desk.
124 MAGNIFIED Breaking down Rochas’ Spring 2012 beauty look.
126 NAILS From the Queen to Lady Gaga, Essie polish has adorned nails for more than 30 years. We meet the woman behind the brand.  
128 AGE Women we admire share their thoughts on living well and looking great—no matter what your birth certificate says.
140 COSMETIC SURGERY In a season when shoulder-duster earrings ruled the runway, Lynn Crosbie takes stock of her growing earlobes. 
144 MAKEUP No sun? No problem. Our bronzer picks will impart some artificial light.  
146 MAKEUP The cat-eye is a classic. We look to icons of different eras for inspiration—plus, tips for painting your own.   
154 CULTURE Before YouTube, big sisters were the ones who schooled you in beauty. Only child Danielle Groen on growing up without one.     
158 HAIR When it comes to cutting or colouring, it’s often the profession that chooses the stylist.     
162 HAIR Liza Herz wants you to know that just because she has embraced her grey hair, it doesn’t mean she’s a poster child for aging gracefully.  

169 INTERVIEW Rufus Wainwright on fashion, fatherhood and his new album, Out of the Game.
170 INDEX Choreographer Dana Gingras’s new work, Yasuko Thanh’s literary debut, Montreal’s electronic arts and music festival, and more.
172 MY OBSESSIONS Designer Erdem Moralioglu’s library of inspiration.
174 TELEVISION How Downton Abbey took on reality TV—and won.
178 AGE Nine extraordinary women speak about the art of personal style.

189 GRAND DAME Photographed by Moo.
198 BELL DU JOUR Kristen Bell is Hollywood’s newest MVP.
200 ’50S SCENTPhotographed by Gabor Jurina.

211 IT GIRL Fredericton’s Kristin MacDonald takes the spotlight.
212 NOTES The coolest stores and names to know across the country.
231 FOCUS Our cross-Canada guide to where to get polished, waxed and spray-tanned for summer.
248 BUY IT Where to find everything in this issue.
250 ONE FINE PHOTO Happy anniversary, FASHION! A look back through our archives.

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