March 2015 horoscopes: Your guide to the new moon and surviving Pisces season

march 2015 horoscopes

I have spoken before about the unusually massive changes afoot in the world. Things reach one final breaking point this month on the 16th, though I’m sure you will feel the effects of it before and after this day. This process is about looking at the systems and structures that are in place and being very honest about what’s not working. It’s about being willing to take action and do something about what’s not working. It’s about radical change. It’s about everyone in the community being able to speak, instead of the spotlight remaining on a privileged few. It’s personal, social, and political, but the change begins with our individual lives. On the full moon on the 5th, notice the balance (or lack thereof) in your life between all that you do for others and the space you take for yourself.

The new moon on the 20th is the ending of all endings, and you can choose to shuck off anything that you don’t want to carry forward into the rest of the year, the way a snake would shed an old skin that no longer serves a purpose. You and everyone around you might seem on edge at times so do your best to speak clearly and compassionately, and if you are feeling reactive, give the whole thing some space before coming back to it. It’s not about one person winning, it’s again about everyone having space to speak and feel heard.

Horoscopes by Aerin Fogel. Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub.


march 2015 horoscopes

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Dear Aries,

You are completely in your element this month, and good thing you slept away the month of February because you are going to need as much energy as possible just to keep up with yourself. Be careful, though, that you don’t fall back into that familiar habit of starting a war over nothing, simply because you don’t know what to do with all that raw passion. Make it work for you, Aries. Do the mature thing and peel off the layers of anger that keep you blind to the fact that you really just want to be heard and that’s all. As long as you’re listening to yourself you’ll be okay.

Your style is still under the constant transition it’s been in for the past couple years, and you can think of this as the outer expression of your personal transformation. Go big with bold colours and loud jewellery. Remember that this process is about you restoring power to yourself, and owning it. Any time you feel victimized, it’s up to you to shift the dynamic.

From the 11th through the 20th, give yourself outlets to help burn off some of the intensity. Go to a dance class or do some kickboxing. Or maybe your outlet right now is about using your voice and some of that bursting energy in support of people or communities who are less comfortable speaking up for themselves. You’re not the only one who struggles to feel heard, Aries, but you are pretty good at calling in attention where it’s needed.

march 2015 horoscopes

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Dear Taurus,

If I was building a house I would employ a group of Tauruses to get the structure up there and to get it up properly. And I would be happy to know that you’d get some enjoyment out of the satisfaction of building a house. The trouble might arise if I asked you to build a whole neighbourhood of houses. In short, your attention and care to the small beauties of life may make it challenging for you to see the big picture at time.

So this month is all about you stepping back from the places where you have been working hard, or directing your focus in a very particular way, and observing the entirety of your life. Mid-month is a great time for you to have a makeover, or a complete overhaul on your wardrobe. Get rid of anything that doesn’t help you feel gorgeous and keep only that which does.

You may feel like something you can’t quite put your finger on is nagging at you, especially at the beginning of the month. You can feel it bubbling up but it never quite reaches the surface. Trying to figure this one out with logic is not going to help—you need to use the other side of your brain. Write about the feeling, paint the experience, or turn it into a melody. Pay extra attention to the content of your dreams. Use the new moon on the 20th to set the intention to connect with, rather than try to rationally understand, what is rising up to the surface.

march 2015 horoscopes

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Dear Gemini,

I think we can all agree that there will never be a point at which you feel like you are done with learning. That is a life-long quest for someone as hungry for wisdom as you. The trick is to be able to discern the difference between wisdom and information. I will not try to explain that any further than simply planting the seed with you and letting you nurture it.

This month, you are ready to share some of the wisdom you have gained with others. Run a workshop or teach a class, if you don’t already. Become a reading buddy in a hospital or home for the elderly. Use your gifts with as much compassion as possible. Soften your look this month, but don’t be afraid of dark colours. Change up the way you’ve been wearing your hair, then change it up again (how many different ways can you wear a bun?).

Be careful mid-month not to get involved in power struggles in relationship. You may be feeling more sensitive than usual, but take the time to first respect your own feelings and then explain them to those you are close with, because otherwise you cannot expect them to understand. You are more affected by what’s happening on the rest of the planet than you realize, and it’s not ultimately helpful to try and ignore this. Give yourself a task, something that turns towards this challenge rather than away from it, and allows you to contribute in a positive way.

march 2015 horoscopes

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Dear Cancer,

The romantic aspect of your life has been like one giant construction zone for the past three years or so. It’s not so much about whether you’re in relationship or not, but how you are in it or not in it. I hope that at this point in the process you understand that a relationship is not a power struggle, and that there is space for both people to be authentic and speak from the heart.

If you’re not quite there yet, keep going through the construction zone. In the end you will find a balance of responsibility for yourself, your own experience, and a healthy sense of responsibility and compassion toward the other person. Things are going to get easier after this month. Hold off on patterns this month and dress a little more formally than you usually would. One strong piece of jewellery speaks louder than a whole coordinated set.

If you have found it challenging to have a clear direction with your career (and even if you haven’t), use the new moon on the 20th to set intentions in this area of your life. You have this moment to connect with possibilities that have felt far out of reach until now, but in order for this to work you have to trust that they are, in fact, now in reach. And if your finances are feeling stretched near the end of the month, don’t worry because they will balance themselves out in time. Just don’t make any impulsive purchases in the meantime, even though I know how much you love a good impulse buy, Cancer.

march 2015 horoscopes

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Dear Leo,

I told the Geminis to explore the difference between wisdom and information, but I don’t need to tell you, Leo. You’ve been on that journey with full intensity for a few years now. This month, the world really needs you to step into full confidence with the wisdom you already embody. The difficulty is in finding the balance between knowing when to step down and serve someone else’s initiative (especially in the workplace) and when to step up and stand in as a guide and teacher.

Remember that there is room for everyone to speak, and that these roles are fluid. Black is your colour this month as you connect with aspects of yourself that you usually find uncomfortable. If you could wear mystery, what would it look like? I know mine would have some shimmer and flow. Stay out of the drama happening mid-month at work, unless you are acting as mediator. Even though you feel like it at times, you are not responsible for fixing every single problem.

On the new moon on the 20th, trust your gut. You can follow what you inwardly know to be true, regardless of how things play out around you. It’s like watching a movie and remembering that you are a real live person sitting on the couch, not a character participating in the events onscreen. And when you get confused, when not even your gut seems to know the answer, consult a teacher or someone you know to hold authentic wisdom and you will be steered back onto your path.

march 2015 horoscopes

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Dear Virgo,

In today’s day and age, we don’t always think about how we feel. We prioritize our intellectual life over our emotional life. As a result, when we do occasionally stop and recognize a feeling, we end up thinking more about it than actually just feeling it. This month I am asking you to learn how to feel what you feel, without thinking about it, and without convincing yourself that you are feeling when you are actually just thinking. It’s not something that can be learned overnight, and you certainly don’t have to do it perfectly (though I know this itself a challenge for you).

If you are in partnership, let intimacy be the thing that connects you with emotion. Don’t be afraid of what comes up. If you are not in partnership, find the relationships in your life that have the deepest intimacy and let yourself be a bit vulnerable. For the past few years you have been picking apart the difference between falling in love and really, really, loving someone with your whole heart.

Things will never go back to the way they were for you, and that’s a beautiful fact. Choose deep, rich colours this month like indigo and plum, and highlight them with silver and gold. Adorn yourself with beauty. Your propensity for modesty is holding you back from dressing with radiance, and all the work you’re doing right now wants to shine through in your style. The full moon on the 5th is your time to really stand back and observe who you are and everything you have become, and to celebrate yourself as a whole and complete person.

march 2015 horoscopes

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Dear Libra,

Libras are like a beautiful flame in the mirror. You need this mirror, now more than ever. It’s not about losing yourself in someone else’s reflection, it’s about finding yourself in their reflection and deepening your understanding of self through what you see mirrored back to you.

For a good three or four years you’ve been transforming your understanding of partnership and it hasn’t been easy. Many of you are scared to lose yourselves in it, but this month you are finally ready to remember who you are even as you open your heart in a deeper way. Along with intense desire can come an equally intense fear, which you are battling now, and you would do best to follow the desire, not the fear.

Be conservative with your style this month, button up the top button, and pull out your formal wear for a normal day. All that intensity has got to be funnelled somewhere, so put it into your wardrobe. Additionally, you are entering a new phase where you are learning to speak from a place of deep maturity and take on a different kind of responsibility in your conversations and communication with others. It’s a beautiful process of you being able to integrate your (sometimes rather lofty) vision into a more practical day-to-day reality. And it begins with the conversations you’re having.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Dear Scorpio,

I’m sure you are aware, at this point, that you are an intense person. What I hope you also know is what a gift this is, since we don’t always honour the value of depth and intensity in our culture (rather, we often shy away from it). So this month, be your intense, glorious self to the fullest. One thing that may be helpful is to build routine for yourself, so you don’t burn out.

It seems like basic daily habits have been a challenge in the past while, even though you thrive on this kind of support, so it’s time for you to bring it back. Be creative and playful with your style this month, and step into a different theme every day. I know how much you love to test out the waters of what it’s like to be someone else, so this is a perfect way to do it—you could even borrow from friends.

Be slow and clear with your communication, especially at work. Don’t expect that people will understand everything you are feeling, even when you explain it to them. More importantly, do everything you can not to get reactive. If issues start to arise, take slow deep breaths or even a time out so that you can approach the situation from a place of energized clarity rather than contributing more confusion. Spend some time dancing, dreaming, playing music, or making art as well. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece that you show the world, it’s more about you connecting with the intuitive, creative side of yourself.

march 2015 horoscopes

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Dear Sagittarius,

Quiet time, especially at home, or time alone, or (could you even imagine it) alone at home, is an absolute rarity for you. But March is your month for this. It might even feel uncomfortable at first, because it’s such a change of pace, but I hope that if you keep up with it you can find the satisfaction that comes from slowness and silence. Clean up your home and make it a space worthy of devoting your time to. This process is a little like coming in out of the rain and into the cave, or moving from social mode into private mode.

If you can, direct some of your energy towards a creative project as well. Though it might not make sense right away, this is connected to your financial situation. The left side of your brain, the rational, logical, dynamic and active aspect of your being, has been over-activated. Working on a creative project will help you shift into the right side of your brain, the part of your being that knows how to receive. Because if you can’t receive, Sagittarius, your finances are not going to get any easier.

Allow yourself to be supported. Style yourself in prints this month, with warm colours and an element of fun. Wool, silk and other textured fabrics will work for you and contribute to your cozy at-home experience. Read an inspiring book or take a new class in the first half of the month as you ride a burst of energy, and don’t worry if it starts to wane later on. It’s only the ebb and flow of your own excitement.

march 2015 horoscopes

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Dear Capricorn,

You are almost unrecognizable from how you were a few years ago. I’m sure even looking in the mirror or at old photos, is a bit of a shock. Good for you; you’ve worked hard to get here. I hope you have taken this time to soften, to take on healthy amounts of responsibility without feeling overly responsible, and to make some supportive changes in your home and family life.

Understand that while this is a big transition for you, it is also about respecting and making space for the voices of others, even when you can’t understand or relate to them. Change up the way you’ve been dressing with longer, more flowing fabrics and lighter tones. Wear your hair down and treat it like a real thing of beauty. Put away the jewellery and remain simple and soft.

When the new year hit I mentioned your increasing need for spaces of solitude. This is not about removing yourself from the world and feeling lonely, it’s about reconnecting with yourself, with nature, with the gentle hum of the universe under the constant buzz of information. From the 14th on, this becomes increasingly important. If you don’t already meditate, developing a daily practice will be very helpful for you. Either you can cultivate some discipline and find a new kind of maturity rising up in you, or you can ignore the need and feel a certain pressure rising up in you. Use the new moon on the 20th as a time to decide that you will communicate with extra sensitivity and respect for the feelings of others.

march 2015 horoscopes

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Dear Aquarius,

Things are coming to a head this month. All of the challenges you have overcome, the process of expressing yourself and communicating differently, the struggles that have often felt like power dynamics, are giving one final tug before they start to dissolve. Have strength in the knowledge that you are at the end of the tunnel, even if it might not feel like it right now. There are still some things brewing under the surface that you are not aware of, so you can treat this month like an opportunity to see them in the way that you respond to different situations.

You are learning to witness your own psyche. Dress a bit radical and push your comfort zone with your outfits; you might be surprised that when you push the limits, you actually feel more comfortable. Attention to detail in accessories will bring the whole thing together. If you can be a little more assertive about putting yourself out there this is also a good month for you to earn some extra money. Just be aware of where you put it once it’s earned; if you’re not keeping track, it’s amazing how easily it can slip through your fingers. Mid-month is a time when you want to speak with utmost clarity and respect for those around you. It’s important for your voice to be heard right now, but you don’t want to speak from a place of reactivity or trying to assert yourself overs. Your friends, like always, have got your back when you need support.

march 2015 horoscopes

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Dear Pisces,

You are such a magical bunch but we often miss you in the crowd because you know exactly how to adapt and blend in. It’s a defence mechanism, really. Underneath it is the assumption that if you can hide just so, you will somehow never be hurt or have to face disappointment. Of course this sets you up for disappointment anyway, since it means you never emerge in your full strength, which is really a loss for us all.

This month is your time to come out of hiding, or at least to let yourself be seen as a unique being, apart from the crowd, with all your strengths and challenges alike. Carry this over into your style and let yourself be more aesthetically expressed as well. Choose patterns, colours, and lines that draw attention to your beautiful self, wear your hair down, and go floor-length with your outerwear.

The new moon in Pisces on the 20th is your greatest moment of intention this year. You get to choose who you are and want to be (and don’t worry about what you have been, or let that define you). I know you as an incredibly creative, compassionate soul, so decide how you want to live that in the world and then go out and live it. Money is going to get easier for you from here on in, and you can lean on the support of your community and friends in the meantime if it’s available to you. Consider it part of you coming out of hiding.