March 2012: Letter from the editor

Bernadette Morra

Bernadette Morra
Just last week, I was rumbling toward a Mexican beach in a golf cart with two friends, debating an article on trends that appeared in the January issue of Vanity Fair.

Now back home, shivering despite a turtleneck and boots, I am writing about FASHION’s Spring 2012 Trend Issue and I can’t get that conversation out of my mind.

In the VF piece, writer Kurt Andersen asserts, among other things, that not much has changed style-wise over the past 20 years. That 2012 looks much like 1992. That jeans and sneakers remain a standard uniform for people of all ages. And that the proliferation of mid-priced retailers like Gap, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie means practically anyone who wants to can shop stylishly, and this has resulted in an “all the same, all kind of cool” look on city streets.

Well, yes and no. Yes, there are fashion themes that now seem to endure from year to year. Once again spring is on the horizon and with it comes the annual crop of florals, crisp white cottons and tropical themes.

But today’s poppies explode over jackets and matching trousers at DKNY, white comes in laser-cut lace sealed in silk cellophane at Louis Vuitton and tropical could mean “barnacles” of engineered matelassé jacquard at Alexander McQueen.

Style is hardly at a standstill. In fact, designers now have to work harder than ever to make their clothes special and stay a step ahead of the mid-priced retailers that do such a great job of delivering high style at a moderate price.

So Andersen can argue we are “stuck on repeat,” but I say there’s never been a more exciting time to be a lover of fashion. Check out our Spring 2012 Trend Report (page 70), and you’ll see what I mean.

Our 35th anniversary year is off to a rocking start with thousands of entries for our first designer giveaway—the Lucian Matis dress on the cover of our February 2012 issue. Our next giveaway celebrates Pink Tartan’s 10th anniversary, on page 88, where you will also find details on how to win designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s flounced tank dress. And be sure to come back to us next month, and every issue this year, for more fabulous anniversary giveaways.

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