Marc Jacobs did sort of have a wedding in St. Barths

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Remember when Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone got married in St. Barths? But then they said they didn’t? That it was just an engagement party? Well, guess what? It really was a wedding. Sort of. There’s still paperwork. Martone told Butt magazine:

In the end, we just had an intimate ceremony at a friend’s house with people who were already on the island. Although the official wedding documents won’t be signed till later this year, so legally we’re not married yet.

But we bet you’re wondering, What does Robert Duffy have to say about all this? Duffy took to Twitter to answer what must have been a deluge of questions as to Jacobs’ marital status.

No! Marc is not married! Don’t you think he would tell me? I am his business partner of 26 years. He and his boyfriend had a celebration.

And then:

I had so many people ask me if Marc was married that I asked him. He said ” You know I want to get married at your house”! He would tell me.

And then:

Yes Marc is in love! He wants to get married. But he is not married. I don’t know when he is planning it. I promise he is not going to yet!

And then:

I want Marc to be the happiest guy on earth. If he wants to get married I will proudly stand up with him before God and bless that union!


No more questions about Marc getting married please. I have told you all there is to tell. There are more important things in fashion. OK?

In other words, get back to work, people. So while the union appears not to be legal (yet), Lorenzo Martone told The Cut that it’s really only a matter of paperwork: “For me, it is about the commitment and more a state of mind. To some I guess the bureaucracy counts more?” Not to us–congrats!

Marc and Lorenzo’s ‘Engagement Party’ Was Kind of a Wedding, After All [The Cut]

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