Macarons have officially become designer territory: Nadege teams up with shoe designer Jerome C. Rousseau

jerome c rousseau nadege macarons
Photography courtesy of Nadège
jerome c rousseau nadege macarons

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With the holiday season just beginning, Nadège’s latest Artist Series could not be more perfectly timed. With successful collabs in the recent months with textile designer Virginia Johnson and photographer Steve Krug, the much-loved patisserie and macaron haven has tapped celebrated shoe designer (and fellow Canadian) Jerome C. Rousseau this time around.

The fate of macarons and fashion has long been intertwined. Ladurée, the famous French patisserie, has been a forerunner of the much-coveted collaborations. With heavyweight collabs like Christian Louboutin, Hello Kitty and the latest, Pharrell x Colette on its resume, you can see why the two forms of art are destined for each other.

Rousseau has not only designed a one-of-a-kind macaron keepsake box, but has also created his very own unique flavour: Marron glace, a.k.a candied chestnut.

“I see a strong connection between art, fashion and food and believe that you eat with your eyes first, so this match came naturally,” says Chef Nadège Nourian. “Jerome creates delicate, fashion forward shoes that are a visual feast. I’m such a fan of his work and since we both like to think outside the box, it was a perfect partnership.”

So to celebrate the delectable launch, we caught up with the designer himself to chat about the creative process, as well as his macaron fandom (he’s just like us!). We also played match-maker for Nadège’s most popular macarons and Rousseau’s beautiful shoes. Why not?

How did this collaboration come about? What attracted you to work with Nadège Patisserie for this art series?
I was honoured that Chef Nadège reached out to me for this collaboration. I love the fact that, just like shoes, macarons come in a stunning box and the packaging itself is part of the experience of enjoying the product. I was immediately inspired to do this project and to collaborate with the best patisserie in Canada.

What’s the experience like working with Chef Nadège? Did the planning process take long?
It was smooth sailing from the get go. Nadège gave me “carte blanche” on the concept, and it allowed me to have fun and experiment with many ideas before selecting this one.

How does it feel to bring the two worlds (fashion and food) together through your designs?
I love it! I think macarons and shoes go incredibly well together, it’s beyond the expected. They are both items that bring out a strong emotional response in people.

What was the reason behind the design of the box? Why pink?
It was a spontaneous choice. I like to think it’s more of a peachy pink shade, which conjures notes of something sweet, creamy and delicious. I like the sensuality of it and I think Chef Nadège would agree that as with shoes, pastries can also be a sensual art.

Would you say you’re a big macaron fan?
No, I would say I am the BIGGEST macaron fan!

What’s the custom macaron flavour you’ve chosen and why did you choose it?
Marron Glace – which is candied chestnuts. I love that it is a rich autumn delicacy. Whenever I am in France or Italy during the Fall I like to find the best marron glace in local patisseries. I thought it would translate well into a macaron. Nadege suggested the two color macaron which looks wonderful.

Sold for only a limited time only, stop by at one of Nadège’s two locations (a new third location opening in the PATH this November!) soon, or better yet, head to its e-boutique now to have it shipped right to your doorsteps.

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