Louis Vuitton’s luxe new book

Bibliophiles will always look back on Septembers fondly. The start of a school year meant new texts and literature—even the dullest of history books offered the promise of something notable trapped between the pages. Those looking to recapture that textual feeling, while satisfying a zeal for fashion and design, would do well to pick up Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture. This stunning volume spans the house’s many collaborations with international names in architecture, design, fashion, art and photography, and frequent collaborator Takashi Murakami designed the deluxe edition (Rizzoli, $160, at Louis Vuitton Stores across Canada on September 1). Beyond the collaborations, there are essays from international critics, 400 photos and illustrations and an account of the brand’s 155-year history—yes students, Louis Vuitton has been around longer than Canada.

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