London Fashion Week Things To Do

It’s London Fashion Week: 6 Things We Want To Do While While We’re There

I once spent six wonderful months in London working as junior editor at a small and zany book publishing house. It was summer then, it was sunny then, and people drank beer on sidewalks out front of the pub. Genius.

But I’ve never been back to Londontown, partially out of fear that it would never be as good as my rose coloured glasses recalled it.

So when the opportunity to experience this city again by way of London Fashion Week arose, I jumped at the chance to return to one of my favourite cities. Best of all, I’m confidant the memories I make this time will stand up to ones of past.

In the interest of memory making, here are six things to do while in London for London Fashion Week.

Hair by Sam McKnight

Hair stylist/rock star Sam McKnight is the man behind famous hair styles worn by Princess Di, Madonna and over 190(!) Vogue cover models. A major exhibition of his work and impact on fashion is on for a limited time at the historic Somerset House.

London Fashion Week Things To Do

Fashion shows

Steven Tai, Molly Goddard (a favourite of Rihanna’s) and Erdem (a red carpet go-to for Alexa Chung and Keira Knightly) are just three of the shows I’m anxious to see.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Watch

So we don’t have a membership to the Soho House (above) where Harry and Meghan are said to hang out but perhaps we can find a pub across the way for staking them out?

The Store Studios

London Fashion Week has a new home at The Store Studios and while plenty of shows occur off-site, this is ground zero for activities and designer showrooms. According to the BFC, the Store Studios is a, “strategic location at the intersection of north, south, east and west London and has easy access to the river as well as to main central areas such as Covent Garden and Southbank.”


Hamleys on Regent Street is apparently the oldest and largest toy shop in the world. I might have to make a pilgrimage to this sacred place to pick up a Pawson Bear or RC Air Ninja Drone for little friends back home.

Kitty Fisher’s

If you obsess over British Vogue editors like some of us do, you’ll know of Kitty Fisher’s in Mayfair. It’s run by an editor’s husband and attracts plenty of celebrity and fashion types alike. On it!

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