levi's plant-based
Photography courtesy of Levi's

Levi’s Launches a Plant-Based 501 Jean + More Fashion News

Including Canada Goose's new circularity program.

Levi’s grew a pair (their words, not ours!)

levi's plant-based
Photography courtesy of Levi’s

Levi’s is putting the planet first with the launch of the Plant-Based 501 Jean. After 150 years of production, this iconic pair of denim has been reconfigured to minimize the use of synthetic materials derived from fossil fuels. Instead of finite resources, the jeans are made of at least 97 per cent plant-based materials, like certified organic cotton and natural dyestuff, with a plant-based patch and ink made from wood waste.

“We have an opportunity — and a responsibility — to continually interrogate the process by which these jeans are made,” VP of design Iinnovation Paul Dillinger shared in a press release. “These jeans build on past efforts to create more circular jeans and in turn give us a foundation for future innovation.” The Plant-Based 501 Jeans will be available in store at the Toronto Eaton Center and online at levi.com starting on July 31.

Silk Laundry’s bridal collection is simple yet elegant

Photography courtesy of Silk Laundry

Calling all modern brides. Whether your big day involves a simple civil courthouse or an intimate ceremony, Silk Laundry’s relaunch of The White Series is an undeniable fit. From understated dresses to pared-back tailoring, each item is made to order, making sure your look is as special as your vows.

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Boss taps F1 champion Fernando Alonso as an ambassador

Photography courtesy of BOSS

BOSS is living life in the fast lane after tapping two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso as a brand ambassador. The label, who is already a major sponsor of the Aston Martin F1 team, will be dressing Alonso for all official events taking place off the racetrack, so expect to see snazzy BOSS signatures when tuning into any and all motorsport affairs.

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Canada Goose launches a circular program in Canada

Photography courtesy of Canada Goose

Canada Goose’s “life” purpose involves two things: to keep the planet cold, and to keep the people on it warm. In an effort to bring this ambition to fruition, the brand has launched Generations in Canada, a recommerce platform that allows consumers to trade-in and purchase pre-loved Canada Goose garments. How does it work? Once you’ve sent in your parka, for example, it will get assessed and authenticated — then you’ll receive a Canada Goose gift card for your enjoyment. Here’s to ensuring quality pieces stay in circulation for decades.

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