Lady Gaga donates her exoskeleton for a good cause

Lady Gaga has donated a piece of her Monster Ball tour wardrobe to Charitybuzz’s Heal Haiti Auction. Bidding on the signed, spangled skeleton chest protector/shoulder armour/chastity belt, which looks cool for a stage show, but otherwise resembles a bedazzled medical device, is up to US$5,000 already. There’s still another two weeks till bidding closes, so if you’ve got the scratch, by all means, push the price higher–the proceeds go to Oxfam and you will have a Halloween costume, wedding ensemble and gala outfit for life.

If the Gaga piece is a bit steep, a seat at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show is at US$150, a cut with celeb stylist Harry Josh is at US$451, a Stella McCartney dress worn by Liv Tyler is sitting at $US1,000 and Heidi Montag’s autographed grey quilted booties are currently going for US$275. If you need some encouragement on that last one, the booties are Chanel. [Charitybuzz]

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