Photography Courtesy of Lacoste

Lacoste is Taking a Break From Its Crocodile Logo for a Good Cause

Limited edition polos featuring endangered species instead of crocodiles go on sale May 22nd.

Imagine the one thing that’s synonymous with Lacoste: it’s the crocodile, right? Well, not anymore, as Lacoste is replacing their crocodile emblem with ten different endangered species as part of the Save Our Species collaboration with the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN) to draw attention to the world’s endangered species.

Replacing the crocodile will be the Addax (a corkscrew-horned antelope native to the Sahara desert), the Cebu damselfly, the Hawaiian Monk Seal, the Iberian Lynx, the Moheli scops-owl, the Mountain chicken (confusingly, a type of frog), the North Atlantic right whale,  the Northern hairy nosed wombat, the Opal goodeid (a tiny fish), and the Yemeni mouse. Each polo will be made in a limited quantity that corresponds to the remaining population size of the animal, as estimated by IUCN experts.

Lacoste began a three-year partnership with the IUCN in 2018, and this marks their second year of collaboration. The polo shirts will go on sale in stores and online May 22nd, which is the International Day for Biological Diversity.