korean couple look street style
Photography by Ania Boniecka and Tyler Stalman

12 Photos that Prove the Matchy-Matchy Korean Couple Look Is Street Style’s Latest Trend

With its booming beauty and retail markets, South Korea has become Asia’s latest region to watch for all things pore-less and very, very cool. Last month, we were exposed to the epic styles gracing the streets of its capital, Seoul, by way of Calgary-based photographers Ania Boniecka and Tyler Stalman. Now, we’re zooming in even closer at street style’s most interesting sub-trend: identically-dressed pairs.

The matching Korean couple look has been getting much buzz lately, but this trend was first made popular back in the ‘90s by Korean TV star couples, popular dramas and young newlyweds. Ranging from head-to-toe outfits (his and her versions of the same exact look) to subtle individual pieces like identical Converse sneakers or matching printed bottoms, the trend still holds strong with blogs dedicated to the fashion and happy young couples easily spotted a mile away just by looking at their carefully coordinated outfits (honestly, this sweet duo has got the Korean couple look down to a T). We even hear couple underwear is a thing because, hey, you do crazy things when you’re in love.

Public display of affection may be frowned upon in the country, but these young and hip South Koreans are showing off their relationships through fashion. So before you cringe at the idea of matchy-matchy outfits, we’d advise you to click through this gallery because South Koreans are working the couple look in a way that is anything but tacky. Calling for some serious wardrobe inspiration (well, for couples at least), the Korean couple look is the hot trend right now, because what’s cuter than showing your affection for someone via matching outfits? PDA is so last year.