Kate Moss to hire a home shaman

What do you do if you have a leaky sauna, a missing Banksy and a flooded kitchen? If you’re Kate Moss, you hire an exorcist. After a string of bad home luck–a robbery with a stolen work by the artist Banksy, a sewage flood that caused £100,000 damage, the sauna troubles and bad electrical–Miss Mossypants is reportedly bringing in a shaman to fix her clearly haunted house. “Her fella Jamie Hince is a believer in the supernatural and has persuaded her there is bad energy in the house which needs to be removed by a shaman priest,” a source to Britain’s Sun newspaper. “She has found one who will perform a ceremony to cleanse the place.” While she’s at it, she should have him spirit away tabloid drama and rid her of the spectre of dust bunnies.

Britain’s Moss is haunted [The Sun]

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