Kanye West x Karl Lagerfeld? A rumoured collaboration might be in the works


Could there be a Kaiser and Kanye collaboration or business deal on the way? Karl Lagerfeld and Kanye West were spotted on a lunch date at the Mercer Hotel in Manhattan last Thursday by a New York Post-employed spy and supposedly, it was all business.

The New York Post reported that, “They were in a deep conversation, then later appeared to be getting devices out to discuss design ideas.” We’d like to think that Karl was showing off cute pictures of Choupette (and Kanye sharing ones of Mercy in return), rather than discussing fashion with the rapper, but hey.

This could be Kanye West’s way back into fashion after his collection got put on hold and his Paris show was cancelled for Spring 2013. But Karl and Kanye’s friendship hasn’t always been a happy one. Back when Yeezy and Jay-Z were recording Watch The Throne at the Mercer, Uncle Karl voiced noise complaints (he is a regular at the hotel) saying the rappers’ entourage was little too loud. They’ve obviously overcome this beef because Kanye West was a guest of honour at the Chanel Spring 2013 show in Paris and a part of Karl Lagerfeld’s Little Black Jacket Exhibition, and now, potential partners in business.

Hopefully this fashion throne is big enough for two.