Photography by Daniel Harrison

Why Jenny Bird Thinks You Should Take Good Care of All Your Jewellery

Not just the 'good' stuff

If Jenny Bird’s art-deco-inspired La Bouche and La Vue pins appear whimsical, the Toronto-based designer is not. She’s refreshingly honest and a true straight shooter when talking about the namesake jewellery line she founded in 2008. She explains how the pieces are cast in brass and then plated in 14-karat gold or sterling silver at her factory in China, which she has visited. At $48 and $52, the pins are reasonably priced—a decision she describes as being about “the democracy of the brand and just being fair; it’s possible to make a good living and have beautiful, quality products.”

Another Jenny Bird truth is this: Affordable jewellery can be precious, and it should be to the person wearing it. “We [gold-]plate our pieces so that people will take care of them,” she says. “They can be heirlooms. You don’t have to have solid-gold heirlooms; you just have to take care of them.” Truth.

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