It kind of feels like J.Lo and Marc Anthony are duking it out in their new promo videos for Kohl’s

In a new promo video for her first collection for American super-brand Kohl’s, Jennifer Lopez takes us behind the scenes in the making of her collection. She pensively points at models while reassuring us that she’s more than qualified to be the artistic lead. The Jennifer Lopez Collection includes sportswear, dresses, handbags, jewellery, shoes, and sleepwear. As if that isn’t Enough, there’s a home collection of bedding, towels, and luggage!

What really makes the collection interesting is its baggage—and by baggage we mean Marc Anthony. J.Lo’s almost-ex husband was set to release the collection with her, but since their split, the collections have been promoted separately. Awkward.

Clearly the couple had some irreconcilable differences, but professionally they seem to be on the same page. Lopez is inspired by travelling the world, while Anthony is inspired by, well, travelling the world. While Lopez is influenced by old Hollywood and glamour, Anthony is influenced by—you guessed it!—old Hollywood and glamour.

Because mirroring your ex’s creative insight probably isn’t enough for this (former) power couple, they both end their videos with an “I’m doing so much better than I’m sure you’re doing but I don’t overly care” message. While Lopez ends her speech with an acknowledgment of how much of a “great partner” Kohl’s has been, Anthony beams that he “couldn’t be happier.” So, who wins the Kohl’s showdown? We’ll have to wait for the sales reports—unless we can all agree that J.Lo wins everything, always.

Though Kohl’s isn’t available in Canada, the collections will up on the company’s website as of September. You know you want a piece.