Is it sandal season yet? 5 Style Panel tips for breaking ’em out, warranted or not

Sandal Weather Style Panel

Sandal Weather Style Panel

As winter reluctantly releases its stranglehold on the weather, we are left to figure out how to dress for two new seasons: extra-winter and the infamous pre-spring psych.

In our dreams, the end of April is sandal territory. As temperatures rise so do hems, layers begin to shed, and toes come out of hibernation. During this unpredictable and unseasonal weather it is easy to get caught in inappropriate footwear. Many have experienced the heartache caused by starting the day dressed for a certain type of climate only to find the elements have done a 180 by lunch-hour. After this years unending winter and slushy spring, when is it time to wear sandals again?

Inherited Jeans’ Stephanie Koch suggests that maybe open-toe is the way to go until a more stable spring climate is reached while Mikki Fox of Centre Street Style says it’s definitely sandal season, as long as winter pieces are still in the mix.

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Sandal Weather Stephanie Koch

Stephanie Koch, 27
Kelowna via Calgary | Inherited Jeans

My feeling as a Canadian, is that when the new year hits and it happens to get above 5 degrees, then the potential exists for wearing sandals. I think we all yearn to shed layers in the Spring, foot wear included. If you’re unsure if sandals are quite right, try an open toed shoe or a structured sandal like I have on here to avoid looking too casual or beachy.

Stephanie’s wearing: Hat, Urban Outfitters. Top and blazer, Aritzia. Pants, TopShop. Sandals, Aldo. Bag, Rebecca Minkoff.

Sandal Weather Sasha Xiao

Sasha Xiao, 25
Toronto | Sasha’s Satisfashion

While many of my friends in L.A. and Hong Kong have already been rocking their sandals since earlier in the year, I couldn’t do anything but feel envious. Now with Toronto getting out of the frigid winter and beginning to bring on some nice sunny spring days, I cannot wait any longer. Although sandals generally have that very summer casual connotation to them, with the right picks and styling, they can also be dressed up or even worn in a professional setting. The tip is to add some statement pieces like a well-tailored trench coat or blazer, or some beautifully-made jewellery.

Sasha’s wearing: Trench coat and sandals, Zara. Skirt, Choies.

Sandal Weather Becky Kung

Becky Kung, 30
Calgary | Velvet & Vino

My rule of thumb for when bringing out sandals is completely gauged by the snow disappearing from the ground. With the air still chilly into April and May in Calgary, I opt for sandals that have wider straps, offering more coverage for my feet rather than completely exposing them. My favorite pair of transitional sandals for this season is this gladiator strappy heel, given all the straps across the shoe it leaves just a few small areas of the feet exposed to the cooler temperatures.

Becky’s wearing: Sweatshirt, Michael Kors. Jacket, Sammy Dress. Pants, J. Crew. Lace top, Forever 21. Sandals, Le Chateau. Sunglasses, Tory Burch.

Sandal Weather Mikki Sutherland

Mikki Fox, 30
Calgary | Centre Street Style

With April showers promising us May flowers, the unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing leaves us all wondering, can I wear sandals yet?  Well my friends, I say it’s time.  During this in-between weather I like to balance out my spring footwear choices with my wardrobe.  If you’re going to be venturing in open toes, offset your ensemble with pants and sleeves or a skirt with a sweater.  Mixing your spring and winter pieces makes it look as though you haven’t missed the boat on the weather situation, but instead are making well informed fashion decisions.

Mikki’s Wearing: Jumpsuit, Vince. Sandals, Charlotte Olympia. Handbag, Chanel. Necklace, Lisbeth.

Sandal Weather Barbara Ann Solomon

Barbara Ann Solomon, 26
Toronto | Barbara Ann’s Style Blog

So it’s not exactly sandal weather if you plan to be outside for very long. I commute to work via vehicle and spend the day in an office, so I’ve been able to take my newest shoe obsession out a few times. This season I’m slipping into mules and loving every minute. I love this season’s updates to the classic shoe shape, with a chunky heel and open toe.

Barbara Ann’s wearing: Coat, Soia and Kyo. Dress, H&M. Mules, Zara. Necklace and Earrings, Woudenberg.Ring, Banana Republic. Bag, Roots. Glasses, Ray Bans.

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