How to wear jorts and be taken seriously

how to wear jean shorts
Photography by Team Peter Stigter

I have a hard time taking jean shorts seriously. Ever since I heard the term ‘jorts’, I’ve relegated denim cutoffs to the cottage, tweens and girls named Daisy Duke. You’d be hard pressed to find an office where they’re appropriate and if you have any issues with your legs, short shorts are usually out of the question.

But one look at the fashion show-going gals in the gallery below and I might be convinced to change my mind. They suddenly look not only cool but sophisticated too. Fashion week is the place to test fashion limits and these girls have styling tricks we can tap to bring jorts back into rotation. Trade flip flops for a sleek sneaker or a modern boot, and a tank for a lacquered top, bow blouse or military jacket. Slip on a pair of oversize sunglasses and you’re ready to give them a second chance.

See below for 8 styling tips on how to wear jean shorts this summer.