How to wear culottes: 7 tips for nailing the spring trend from street style stars

How to wear culottes

Now that it’s beginning to feel like spring, it’s about time we tackle one of the season’s hottest trends: culottes. Caught somewhere in lower-half limbo between pants and skirts, culottes are an ingenuous way to flatter your body with some free-flowing ventilation. They’ve also been trending for a solid three seasons, which is another reason to love ‘em.

Historically a style of trouser that ended just below the knee, culottes were popularized in French court during the 1500s and later adapted for women so they didn’t have to ride sidesaddle. Who knew?

Wherever historical gender ambiguity exists, Céline designer Phoebe Philo will follow. And wherever Céline goes, the rest will most certainly follow. Cue Spring 2015’s assortment of culottes on runways including Stella McCartney, Chanel, Calvin Klein and DKNY, to name only a few.

See the culottes trend on the Spring 2015 runways »

So, how to wear culottes without looking like a walking circus tent? We’ve rounded up a few pointers to ensure you’ll end up on the right side of this spring trend, straight from the streets of fashion week. Because who better to teach you then those who’ve been mastering proportions since the dawn of the crop top.

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