how to travel in style
Photography by Peter Stigter

How to Travel in Style (and Avoid Looking Like a Tourist)

Packing for a vacation may be fun for some, but it can be the most stressful thing for others. Back in the day, comfortable wear and safety were the only two boxes we needed to check on our mental packing list. But at the rate pro looking shots have been flooding our feeds as of late, a vacation wardrobe is more akin to prepping for fashion week.

Before you go and roll your eyes, bear with us for a sec. Avoiding the stereotypical travel outfit (read: T-shirt, jeans, backpack and Birkenstocks) isn’t just aesthetics—it may actually be the safer route too. Often, tourist-packed cities during peak times are hunting grounds for pickpockets, so blending into the city in a chic look may not be such a bad idea. And hey, the last thing you want is to look like a tourist in your travel photos. Because who really wants #ootds with a camera strapped around your neck and a polyester fanny pack hanging from your waist?

To make sure you have beautiful vacation photos to look back on, we’ve got the ultimate style tip sheet. Behold, the guide to travelling in style without looking like a tourist. Who says you can’t look comfortable and chic?

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