How To Make Friends As a Grown-Ass Adult

Assuming we’ve all graduated from kindergarten, we know the basics of making friends: be nice, share, don’t pull each others’ hair, etc. It all seems so simple when you’re in a contained environment surrounded by your peers, but what happens when school is no longer a piece of the puzzle and you’re all on your own? Perhaps you’ve moved to a completely new city, or you’ve outgrown an old friend group. The market is saturated with dating apps and websites for those seeking true love, but where do people who want someone to simply hang out with find plutonic relationships? Below, five ways to make friends when you’re a grown-ass adult.

1. Take up a new hobby 
A hobby in which you’re thrown amongst a group of strangers, preferably. You can start out small, by joining a gym or signing up for a cooking class. If you’re feeling adventurous, try an activity that will force you out of your comfort zone, whether it be joining a sports team or attending improv classes. That way you’ll be forced to mingle (like a true grownup).

2. Rndmdnr
If you’re worried about being thrown into a situation where everyone else is already friends (the worst!) there are services out there like Rndmdnr (yes, that’s “Random Dinner” without the vowels). Random Dinner is a private supper club, where people can sign up to have dinner at trendy restaurants with complete strangers. Genius, right? If you’re really nervous, a little bit of vino will help.

3. Volunteer
Want to meet really nice people? Seek out volunteer groups that interest you, whether it be working at a soup kitchen or taking some time during the week to play with pets at a local animal shelter. This is a great way to meet like-minded individuals that support similar causes. Finding new friends and lending a helping hand? Well, that’s an obvious win-win.

4. Go on a friend date
Don’t hesitate to be set up with people (and no, we don’t mean going on blind date). If you’ve moved to a new city try using six degrees of separation to meet friends of friends. If a friend in another city wants to introduce you to a friend, take them up on offers to meet up. Who knows, you may just click with them, and their crowd.

5. Or you can just rent a friend
When all else fails, allows you to rent a buddy by the hour, starting at $10, plus a monthly membership fee. If you’re looking for company and just don’t have time for the hunt, this may be the answer.

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