How to feel like first class, even when you’re flying in coach

There’s something about stepping through the swoosh of those automatic airport doors that suddenly makes jeggings seem like a good idea and has us staring down the old lady in the velour track suit, secretly wishing we could swap. At the airport, the more spandex the better! And for good reason. When you’re sandwiched in the middle seat on a long haul flight, that’s the only thing you want to be wearing. Even Karl Lagerfeld (kind of) agrees. Last week’s airport-inspired Chanel show in Paris took jet-set style to the next level with socks and sandals, printed joggers and heavy metal hairbands (that have no way of making it through security).

While an in-flight dinner menu and endless leg room might be a pipe dream, our well traveled editors swear by a few carry-on saviors that help carve out a little bit of the luxe life as we settle into those cramped seats in coach (hint: it involves a lot of cashmere). Here are our top picks.