Photography via IMAXTREE

How to Clean Velvet Garments (and Store Them!) Without Damage

The obscure fabric that no one knows how to clean.

Velvet has to be one of the most complex fabrics to care for. Taking this one to the cleaners is your safest option in preserving the fabric. But if you don’t have time (or don’t want to fork out for a drycleaning bill – #wehearyou), fear not, as there’s plenty you can do on your end. We asked cleaning expert Melissa Maker, YouTuber of Clean My Space, to find out just how to care for this unique fabric. Here’s what you need to know:

How to maintain it:
1. Use a tailor’s brush to fluff up the nap. It is recommended that you ask the retailer, a tailor or dry cleaner to demonstrate exactly how to use the brush prior, to ensure you don’t damage the fabric.

Velvet shoes:
1. Recommended to treat with upholstery cleaner before wearing them.
2. Clean any spots with warm, soapy water and dab on gently with a cloth.
3. Blot off to dry.

How to store it:
We tapped Ellie Mae Waters, owner and creative director of Ellie Mae Studios, for some detailed direction in storing velvet garments. “Make sure each item has its own home in your closet in a garment bag. You do not want your velvet garment touching anything else in your closet because it will crush the velvet. Make sure your garment bag is not plastic; it needs to be a breathable fabric,” says Waters. “Your velvet always needs to be hung, never folded. If you are trying to avoid dust make sure you hang an easy to wash fabric like a pillowcase over the shoulders of your garment.”