How to build a world-class wardrobe

Shopping is no longer a local affair. Simply load up your card and jump online or purchase a discount airfare and you can be buying that exotic handbag or haute bikini in a far off locale. An international wardrobe will give you a sophisticated look and a globe-trotting glow.

Click on the map below for our picks of 10 must-shop stops around the world and what to buy:

Far out fashion

Cash is king, when it’s in local currency

Leaving the country soon? Don’t forget to take cold hard cash. While travellers can use credit cards almost anywhere now, it is still easier to use real dollars to pay for tips, taxis, meals and some purchases.

The challenge with foreign currency, though, is getting the dollars you need. It’s not always easy to get to the bank and who remembers to purchase euros or pesos before they go away? Enter CIBC’s Foreign Cash Online program, which delivers foreign cash right to your door. Sign into CIBC online banking, hit the order cash option, choose the currency you need from up to 75 denominations and then choose the delivery method—home, pick-up at local branch or pick-up at Toronto Pearson International Airport (T1 International Departures), right before you get on the plane.

Now get shopping!


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