Hot Disc: Four Tet, There Is Love In You

Kieran Hebden first started releasing upbeat patchwork productions as Four Tet back in 1999 in order to find a creative outlet beyond his post-rock outfit, Fridge. Dialogue and four subsequent full-lengths constantly shifted personality while staying within the indie-electronic category of digital looping, slicing and pasting.

On his latest outing, There Is Love In You (Domino), Hebden shows that his work remains as richly syncopated, dynamic and elemental as it’s always been. This time around though, Four Tet plays partial to arching soundscapes over the hip-hop inflected basement-nerd tunes previously offered. Consciously derivative stuff, this album stitches together wide-ranging components into some airy tunes. “Circling,” an appropriately cyclical set, pulses through glitzy reverb and subtle vocal samples. It chimes and throbs and sets you comfortably in your comfy chair. Wear headphones for this one.

Next in line is “Sing,” which epitomizes the mid-’90s dance music tribute There Is Love trains to be. It pops and struts and humbly resets itself so effortlessly—never once insisting upon itself.

Closing things off is “She Just Likes To Fight,” which is anything but punchy. Smooth and aerial, the song sounds like the instrumentalists Explosions In The Sky, tangled in electronic undercurrents and drum loops. A definite standout moment, and our favourite track on the album.

There Is Love In You is out today.

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