A Look Back at the Frilliest, Frothiest Royal Wedding Dresses Ever Worn

Royal weddings have been fascinating the public for generations, ever since a young Queen Victoria kicked off the now-centuries long trend of wearing white wedding dresses. Society loves to witness fairy-tale romances turn happily ever after with the real-life fantasy of golden gilded carriages, sparkling tiaras, and larger than life pomp & circumstance. The lead up to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s impending nuptials have no different. After the initial excitement of the couple’s engagement died down, focus immediately shifted to what kind of dress Meghan would walk down the aisle in. While we have to wait until Saturday to see who’s officially dressing Meghan, we can daydream about what’s sure to be another iconic fashion moment while reminiscing over extravagant gowns of the past and the history behind them.

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