Hermès brings online shopping to Canada! (With free delivery, no less)

Hermes Canadian Online Shop
Courtesy of Hermes
Hermes Canadian Online Shop
Courtesy of Hermès

You guys, luxury retailer Hermès wants to deliver packages straight to your door. Well, that is, if you pay for them. As of September 25, Hermès launched their Canadian online shopping site which delivers anywhere in Canada AND is offering free shipping until November 2 to celebrate their entrance into the Canadian interwebs.

You may ask yourself, what does Hermès sell online? Well, they sell carrès (a.k.a. their signature scarves), bags, watches, fashion accessories, jewellery and even a tiny plush horse aptly named Hermy. And that’s only the beginning.

In October, Hermès will release a limited edition scarf that is hand-dyed using the traditional art of indigo dying. They also recently launched a brand spanking new perfume titled L’Ambre des Merveilles, just in time for the holiday season—which is approaching faster than we’d like to acknowledge.