virtual happy hour
Photography via IMAXTREE. Design by Kayleen Dicuangco.

27 Pieces Under $100 to Wear to Your Next Virtual Happy Hour

Stay home and dress up.

As we near the end of our fourth week in quarantine, chances are you’ve already had to wish a few of your Aries friends a happy birthday via video chat, or maybe plan a virtual Easter weekend with family. Calendar occasion or not, however, we certainly miss our happy hour evenings. The simple act of reconnecting around hors d’oeuvres and beverages after a long week has espoused a sort of glamour that staying home doesn’t necessarily provide – but with a few modifications, you can make it feel like you’re on a night out. All you need is a video chat platform, your very own happy hour spread and a fabulous outfit. To help inspire you for your next virtual happy hour look, we’ve rounded up 27 pieces, all under $100, that will see you join the call in style. See our edit blow:

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