Watch YouTuber LaurDIY Teach Us How to Craft a Sparkly Witch Costume for Halloween

A scroll through her Instagram feed, and Lauren Riihimaki looks like every other brunch-loving, millennial pink-obsessed 25-year-old. The only difference: she has 4.6 followers, a photo from the set of Live With Kelly and Ryan and a link in bio that leads to a YouTube video with 8.8 million views.

True to her social media handle, LaurDIY is a serious crafter. Starbucks lattes, rose gold appliances, pet costumes—if you’ve never thought of making it yourself, she’s probably crafted it. Her self-written bio: “I’m your DIY-obsessed bestie that is all about creativity, glitter & petting dogs.”

And so, in the Autumn spirit of last-minute-Halloween costumes and covering things in glitter, we got together with the YouTube sensation to try our hand at a special DIY project. Grab that dusty pair of black heels from the back of your closet, order a tube of LaurDIY Doodle paint and follow along.