Guelph: Jumpsuits are playground cool

Photography by Heather Loney
Photography by Heather Loney

I often wonder about the trickle effect in fashion. What does it take for a particular trend to evolve and permeate everyday street fashion? How come some trends never make it past the fashion capitals? Does it take hundreds of people joining in, or just a select few to take it from runway to normalcy? I have many theories, but no definitive answer, I’ve decided that my summer project is to champion the trickle down effect of the new jumpsuit, and bring the onesie to Guelph street fashion.

A town that is blissfully content in the summer months and never takes itself too seriously seems like the perfect place to have fun with this season’s jumpsuit trend.

Channeling playground cool, with my Big League Chew and a C’est Moi black romper, I head to the dog park with my beagle and my Frisbee. The next day it’s off to the patio to bask in the sun in my A3 + 1 jumpsuit (both from Blush, 38 Quebec St., Guelph, 519-822-9669, If all else fails, I will turn to hopscotch and four squares in the driveway.

Whether you prefer to call it a romper, jumpsuit or onesie, this season there are endless ways to hail the return of fashion’s coolest security blanket. All the childhood nostalgia without the uncomfortable crotch snaps.

Check out some of our favourite jumpsuits from the spring runways.

Photography by Heather Loney

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