Guelph: The cat’s meow

In a city with a highly reputable selection of vintage and consignment shops, Meow! (10 Carden St., 519-821-7442) tops the list with its impressive collection of women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. The underground shop is filled with stylish and classic pieces, picked by owner Kara Munn’s expert eye.  The selection of vintage hats alone is worth the trip (damn this cursed over-sized head of mine…women in the ’50s must have had teeny little noggins!)

This month, Meow! is celebrating their first year in downtown Guelph and it has been a welcome addition to the landscape. Spending time in the shop is experiential shopping at its finest.  Between the clothing, the decor and the 1950s music, you may begin to feel nostalgic for a time you weren’t even alive during. Anyone who has ever spent hours hunting through her parents’ or grandparents’ attic with delight will marvel at what Meow! has to offer.  And the eco-conscious shopper can take pride that going vintage is just another way help their small corner of the planet.

In addition to the shop, Munn also has two booths in the Aberfoyle Antique Market (61 Brock Rd. S., 519-763-1077,, where she sells antiques and furniture as well as vintage clothing.

Photography by Heather Loney

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