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14 Stylish Good Luck Charms to Up Your Everyday Jewellery Game

Luck be a lady!

With Friday the 13th looming, we’re holding onto all the good luck we can get.

When it comes to wearing jewellery, personal pieces with a talismanic twist are trending. It’s all about channeling a little magic/luck/protection via pretty pieces for your lobes, neck and wrists.

Sarah Jessica Parker rocked a variety of good luck charms during her reign as Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s hit show Sex And The City. From diamond horseshoes to statement four-leaf clovers (Parker wore one designed by Chahan Minnassian in the 2010 film Sex And The City 2) her quirky cool character was never without a signature necklace.

If you already own some of the classics, try out something a little different: a scarab beetle, lucky bamboo or evil eye. Brands are embracing good luck charms from far and wide.

We’ve rounded up 14 stylish good luck charms and talismans that are timeless enough to wear everyday. Check out the gallery below and find your favourite.

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