20 glasses to pair with evening wear (because it’s totally cool now, btw)

glasses for evening wear
Photography by Team Peter Stigter

Getting dressed up for an event when you wear glasses can be a real struggle. If contacts aren’t an option, a glam getup and glasses can feel mismatched. I’ve often attempted to go bare but after a drink (or two) and a spin on the dance floor, my eyes start to ache (cue the watery eyes and smudged mascara).

Luckily for lens wearers, four eyes have never been so fashionable. Gucci’s parade of bespectacled models and this week’s glasses and gown pairing spotted on Oprah Winfrey at the Tony Awards have us coming around to the idea of eyewear specifically for evening. We’ve narrowed down the 4 best categories and 20 top options to keep your cool at night, whether your intention is to have your your eye makeup sing or wear frames that act as statement accessory all on their own.

See our top 20 picks for dressed up glasses below.